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As a commercial kitchen operator, you likely already understand the importance and necessity of commercial reach-in coolers. These devices are crucial to many successfully operating kitchens, as they keep the required goods and produce cooled or chilled to specific degrees. Sometimes malfunctions and fluctuations in such temperatures not only indicate technical problems that need to be resolved, but they could lead to rotten or spoiled produce.

While reach-in coolers are smaller and more compact than walk-in refrigerators, their importance and necessity are certainly not overlooked. Whether you run a large commercial kitchen or a small office break room, these devices serve a very important purpose. This is exactly where our expertly trained techs come in. We offer the maintenance, diagnostics, and technical repair that is necessary to ensure your coolers are always operating in prime condition. We offer support around the clock!

Types Of Reach-In Coolers

Regardless of the type of operation you are running, if you have products that need to be stored at specific temperatures, you want to avoid problems and fluctuations at all costs. Even the slightest of variations could destroy the taste and texture of certain products. Needless to say, problems should be avoided at all costs. The best place to start is by understanding a little bit about your systems.

Display Refrigeration – Display refrigerators are exactly what their name suggests. They are freezers designed not only to keep products cooled but on clear display for customers to view. These are perfect for all businesses but work exceptionally well for bakeries and cafes that want to keep fresh products on display.

Merchandising Refrigeration – Got snacks and drinks that you need to keep chilled and iced? This is exactly what merchandising refrigeration equipment is designed to do. Keep these on hand right near your register and you will entice every customer that walks by.

Glass Door Refrigeration – Been down the freezer or refrigeration sections in the supermarket lately? Do you know those reach-in coolers that you pull all your delectable microwave dinners from? That’s a type of glass door refrigerator and after perfect for displaying your products. These designs are also good in commercial kitchens for employees, as they allow quick location and retrieval of food and cooking products.

Half Door Refrigeration – A half-door refrigerator is just as the name suggests. These types of devices are smaller versions of glass door refrigerators. These work exceptionally well when you find yourself limited in space. They are also good to stick upfront where customers will see their contents while checking out.

Reach-In VS Walk-In Coolers

Just starting a business or maybe you are going through some remodeling? Whatever the situation, there will be some crucial design elements you have to take into consideration. Be sure to reread the section above, as this will cover some of the options available to you. That said, there is one other important consideration you’ll need to make. This will be the walk-in cooler and reach-in cooler.

You can likely surmise the difference between the two just by looking at their names. Reach-in coolers are much smaller designs, so they do not consume nearly as much space. They, however, won’t nearly offer as much storage space either. These devices are usually installed in easy-to-access locations and do come available in various sizes and shapes to suit all needs.

A reach-in cooler is preferred by many because it offers quick, easy access to products. Quick access not only means faster delivery and easier access, but it could also mean easier viewing when stored in strategic locations throughout the store. A walk-in cooler is one that customers or employees must walk-in to retrieve products. While these freezers do offer a multitude of more space, they do require more space for installation.

A walk-in cooler also gives you the option of installing additional shelving and storage bins. Although the freezer will always maintain one operating temperature, you can install shelving and storage bins to hold different products. Dedicate one side of the freezer to meats and the other side to dairy. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of each device. Have more questions? Maybe you need help deciding. Give us a call and our designers can help you determine have to most efficiently utilize your space.

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