Prep Table Repair And Service

You likely don’t need to be in the restaurant industry to determine that a prep table is crucial to the successful operation of a business. You can likely determine this much from the name alone. The name, prep table, indicates that this is a likely place where sandwiches and food items are prepared. That is true, but commercial sandwich and salad units are much more complicated than that. These units are specifically designed to maintain certain temperatures while also properly storing the necessary ingredients for your food assembly.

Some tables can even include additional refrigerated sections, usually located below, to keep other ingredients and products cooled. With all the necessary prepping ingredients at arm’s length, it gives your employees the advantage they need to get fresh and hot food out to customers as quickly as possible.

This is, of course, if the table is working properly. You can likely already imagine the nightmarish scenarios that would follow should your table malfunction. If it malfunctions during rush hour, the ensuing results could be catastrophic. Your sales might not only cease but they could potentially be lost to the competition forever.

This is something our highly dedicated and trained technicians aim to prevent. While there is no way whatsoever to prevent all unexpected repair problems, we can at least minimize them or reduce the risk. We do just this by scheduling regular maintenance checks. 

During these checks, we’ll come in and not only clean and maintain the necessary components of the table, but we’ll take measurements of temperatures and pressures where necessary.

Such readings are crucial to determine the operating condition of specific components.

Common Problems We Experience

It also pays to keep a vigilant eye. Just like you listen to your car for problematic sounds, you can keep an eye out for problems with your prep table. Locating and finding the problem before it creates major issues is always the way to go. Here is a list of some of the most commonly occurring problems our techs find in the field:

Noisy or bad compressor

Freezer or table temperatures are not being sustained

There is condensation in the box area

Icing on the coil

Doors are not properly closing

Your food products are warm or freezing

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