Keep Your Walk-In Freezer Clean

As a business owner, there is a good chance that you have to worry about certain equipment. If you run a restaurant, retail store, or convenience store, you may have walk-in freezers. These appliances are very beneficial because they keep your foods fresh and cold. If your freezers aren’t working efficiently, there is a risk that you’re going to encounter a handful of problems. For instance, your food may begin spoiling. You may end up selling spoiled food to one of your customers. A1 Denver Commercial Refrigeration Repair Suffice to say, the risks are immense. To avoid such problems, you should properly maintain your walk-in freezer. In addition to this, you should take steps to ensure that it remains clean and tidy. How can you clean a walk-in freezer? How difficult will it be? Thankfully, it won’t be too difficult. Follow the advice below to ensure that your freezers stay clean throughout the year.

Start Cleaning The Floors

Since you’re dealing with a walk-in freezer, you’re going to be stepping inside regularly. If your shoes are dirty, you’re going to carry that dirt into the freezer. Eventually, the freezer’s floor will become very messy and you’ll begin carrying the dirt elsewhere. It is pertinent to prevent this from happening. You need to keep the floor clean to ensure that the rest of your store remains clean. In addition to this, cleaning the floor is going to reduce the likelihood that you’re going to encounter pests. Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming will prove to be very helpful.

Don’t Leave The Door Open

You’re likely going to enter the freezer regularly to grab certain items. You’ll also need to enter the walk-in freezer to stock certain items. When doing so, it is vital to ensure that the door remains closed. If you leave the door open for too long, there is a risk that the interior temperature is going to rise rapidly. Unfortunately, this could lead to condensation and other problems. It is best to close the door behind you. Keeping the door closed will reduce the risk of mold development.

Check The Lights

Another thing to remember is that you should check on the lights in the freezer. When you’re working there, you’ll likely need to turn them on. After all, you need to see what is going on. When you leave the cooler, it is wise to turn off the lights. Doing so will provide several benefits. If you’re not working in the freezer, you’re not using the lights. Turn them off to avoid overspending on electricity. In addition to this, you must remember that the lights are going to emit heat. Therefore, they’ll make it harder to keep your freezer cool. Turn off the lights to ensure that your freezer remains cold.

Cleaning The Gaskets

You’ll find that the gaskets are vitally important. The gaskets found on the doors help keep the cold temperatures trapped inside. If the gaskets get dirty, their efficiency is likely going to drop. Suffice to say, you need to make sure that the gaskets are working flawlessly. The best way to do that is by properly cleaning the gaskets. In some cases, you may need to change the gaskets. If the gaskets are damaged, warm air will begin flowing into your freezers. More energy will be used to keep the items cold. Fix the gaskets to avoid such problems. Dirty gaskets could also lead to mold or bacteria getting into your freezer.

Always Clean The Coils

Besides cleaning the gaskets, you’ll also need to focus on cleaning the coils. You’ll find that the coils are vitally important to maintaining the efficiency of the freezers. If the coils are dirty, the efficiency will drop significantly. Thankfully, it is easy to clean the coils. You can likely do it yourself. You just need a stiff brush, soap, and water. For the best results, you should clean your coils at least twice a year. Cleaning the coils will help ensure that the freezer is working correctly and that mold will not begin growing inside.

Clean The Drain Line

The drain line is an important component because it helps remove water from the system. Problems can occur when the drain line becomes clogged. If water is unable to pass through the drain line, it will begin backing up. Eventually, the water will start overflowing onto the floor. The water will lead to higher moisture and mold. Plus, the water on the floor may freezer. If you’re not careful, this could lead to a health hazard. Clean the drain line to ensure that it doesn’t get clogged.

Look Around The Condenser

You’ll also want to check around the condenser. The condenser needs to have plenty of space around them. If the condenser is surrounded by dirt, debris, or other objects, it won’t work efficiently. Its airflow will drop significantly and its performance will be hindered. Remove items away from the condenser to ensure it is going to work perfectly.

Keep The Evaporator Clean

You need to make sure that the evaporator is clean. In general, the evaporator in your walk-in freezer should be cleaned several times each year. Use hot water and soap. You may find that your unit is surprisingly dirty. You might be tempted to use chemicals to clean the evaporator. If you’re going to do this, make sure you’re using gentle chemicals. Harsh chemicals could lead to bigger problems. It is best to use an evaporator coil cleaner designed specifically for your model. Check with the manufacturer to guarantee that you’re doing the right thing. If the evaporator is dirty, it will be harder for heat to escape. Instead, the temperatures will begin fluctuating. Ice and frost will likely start developing in the unit. Cleaning the evaporator clean can help reduce the chance of problems while eliminating costly repairs.

Hiring A Professional

At the end of the day, you have many responsibilities to juggle. Therefore, you might not have enough time to tackle these maintenance tasks. As a business owner, it may be easier to hire a professional to clean your walk-in freezers. Doing so will make your life easier while ensuring you have enough time to focus on your customers. If this is something that interests you, it is a good idea to contact a professional. Be sure to research the local refrigeration companies in your area to ensure that you’re going to receive the best service.

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