Ins And Outs Of Walk-In Cooler Door Gaskets

Many business owners have to worry about keeping food and other supplies cool. While you could use a conventional freezer, it likely doesn’t have enough capacity to meet your needs. Therefore, you’re going to use a larger walk-in cooler. Doing so guarantees that you’ll have no problem keeping the food you serve fresh and delicious. Just remember that walk-in coolers have many components that can easily malfunction. While walk-in cooler gaskets are simple, they can create big problems when something goes wrong. A1 Denver Commercial Refrigeration Repair Once this happens, there is a good chance that hot air is going to begin flowing into the cooler. Your items will spoil much sooner. Suffice to say, you need to check on the door gaskets to make sure they’re in good condition. Otherwise, the system will have to use more energy to properly regulate the temperature in the cooler. What do you need to know about walk-in cooler gaskets? Read the guide below to prepare for potential issues.

Various Styles Of Gaskets

First, you should know that there are numerous styles of gaskets. Each one is different in numerous ways. Typically, your walk-in cooler is going to have a wiper gasket and a magnetic gasket. As you’ve likely already guessed, the magnetic gasket is designed to seal doors. In general, magnetic gaskets are larger and can be found around the doors of your walk-in cooler. If the gaskets aren’t working correctly, there is a risk that hot air will begin seeping into your walk-in cooler. You’ll also have wiper gaskets. These gaskets are placed on walk-in doors and frames. They’re noticeably thinner than the others and prevent air from entering the cooler. It is common for these gaskets to be called wipe strips. They’re made of vinyl.

Properly Maintaining Gaskets

It is pertinent to ensure that your gaskets are in immaculate condition. Otherwise, there is a risk that you’re going to experience numerous problems. Hot air will begin entering the walk-in cooler and increasing the temperature inside. If you don’t fix the problem quickly, there is a risk that your food will spoil. Take the time to check your gaskets regularly. Make sure that they’re in good condition without any tears or skips. If you’ve found a small tear, you might be able to repair it by using petroleum jelly. Place it on the tear and call a professional. It should temporarily fix the problem until the gasket can be repaired by a professional. It is also a good idea to clean your gaskets often. You can do so easily using soap and water. Don’t use a harsh cleaner because it could cause problems. Make sure that the gaskets do not get too dirty because this could impact the performance of the walk-in cooler. Finally, you need to keep watch for condensation. If you begin noticing condensation in your walk-in cooler, you might have a gasket problem. Inspect them to see what is going on. If you find any noticeable issues, notify a professional immediately.

Replacing Gaskets In Your Walk-In Cooler

At some point, you’ll likely need to replace the gaskets in your walk-in cooler. When doing so, you need to find an identical replacement. Otherwise, the gasket you purchase might not fit perfectly. If this happens, you’re going to experience additional issues. To get the correct gasket, check your brand and model. Then, you can find the best gasket for your walk-in cooler. You’ll find that the door gaskets are likely the most important. If they’re not working efficiently, your walk-in cooler is going to get warmer. Proper maintenance can help. However, you may also need to replace your gaskets at some point. Call a professional to get it taken care of immediately.

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