Exploring The Amazing Secrets Of Denver Colorado

Whether you’re a resident of Denver, Colorado or just a visitor, you should familiarize yourself with the area’s history. The city is steeped in history, which is intriguing and downright fascinating. Of course, some aspects of the city’s history remains a secret even to the residents of the area. Are you ready to explore the amazing secrets of Denver, Colorado? You will find a handful of these below. A1 Denver Commercial Refrigeration Repair

The Capital Rotunda

Almost everyone is familiar with this city’s capital. The building’s dome is undeniably cool and easily recognizable. Do you think you know everything about the building? In all likelihood, you do not. What many people do not know is that the rotunda dome can actually move up and down. It was initially designed in this manner to help air flow through the dome and out of the top windows. Suffice to say, the area is often referred to as the “lantern”.

The Denver Airport

If you’ve ever flown into Denver, Colorado, you should have become acquainted with the Airport. Still, you might not be completely familiar with the airport’s history. For instance, this building was actually built in 1995. Initially, it was built on 53 square miles of land, which is twice the size of the city of Manhattan! At the time, the construction cost was estimated at 1.7 billion dollars. By the time the project was complete, the cost had gone up to nearly 5 billion dollars!

In order to keep up with technology, the airport is home to 5,300 miles of fiber optic cables. This is enough to stretch from New York to Argentina! Don’t even think about the 11,365 miles of copper cable in the area.

A Hidden City?

Have you ever heard of Phil Schneider? This engineer had some interesting tales associated with the Denver, Colorado Airport. According to Phil, a 4.5 square mile city can be found underneath the airport. Schneider also suggests that an 88.5 square mile military base can be found there, as well. Does the airport hide an underground base, which travels 8 levels deep? Phil, who spent 17 years designing massive underground tunnels for the government, seemed to believe so!


Over the years, Colorado has been known for a variety of different things, but the city isn’t necessarily known as a big museum or art hub. However, there are a few hidden gems, within the city. For starters, the Molly Brown House Museum is one of the city’s most intriguing spots. Molly Brown is one of the most famous Titanic survivors and the museum tells her tale!

The Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art is a must visit for art lovers. The museum was built in honor of the state’s most decorated painter, Vince Kirkland. It features some of his art, as well as that from other artists. In total, there are over 3,500 works, within the facility.


At the end of the day, Denver might seem like an ordinary city, but it is not. It is filled with amazing historical tidbits and interesting attractions. Whether you’re looking to relocate or are hunting for an excellent tourist destination, you should not ignore Denver, Colorado!